About Shelley

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An ex-stylist and fashion boutique owner, Shelley’s life long love of healthy living grew into a career after studying Holistic Nutrition. A Health and Wellness Coach, passionate recipe developer and wellness writer, Shelley is a mother of two who works with clients to reach their optimal visions of health and wellness, creating healthy habits to last a lifetime.

Shelley has studied hundreds of dietary theories. An avid reader, she is forever discovering new research on the latest dietary trends. As a guide on the side, she believes in tailoring nutrition to the individual and teaches clients how to listen to their body’s needs. With an unwavering belief that healthy eating should be joyful and achievable, Shelley introduces clients to a wide variety of fresh, wholesome recipes tailored to their dietary needs. Through individualised, nutritional and lifestyle steps she gently guides clients towards their ultimate Health and Wellness gaols. Helping clients with weight loss, increased energy and vitality, reducing stress and learning to thrive within the realms of dietary requirements.

Driven by her desire to share with the world just how delicious, easy and rewarding clean eating can be, Shelley develops nutrient dense, whole food recipes. Working with clients to establish lasting, healthy, sustainable patterns to continue long into their journey. Her ultimate goal is to see clients become the most amazing version of themselves, developing simple strategies to leave clients feeling radiant, well and better than ever.

*Shelley has a Bachelor of Arts and Media Studies and is a Graduate of Integrative Nutrition, New York