Back To Basics – Nourishing Chocolate Crackles

Nourishing Chocolate Crackles ShelleyKRecipes

Once upon a time, kids parties meant a few honey joys, chocolate crackles and maybe some jelly filled orange skins, if you were lucky. From what I’m told, things were simple back then. In an age where visual social mediums are saturated with images of kids party decor, towering sugar coated cupcakes and rainbow layer cakes, it’s no wonder even the most unaffected parents are feeling the pinch. And in an adult world where the words, ‘I Quit Sugar’ have become common place, how come so many kids parties look like a candy store just exploded? A juxtaposition of sorts, which begs the question, how do we strip things back, take the pressure off and simplify? And if we fail to do this, do we risk losing the essence of what kids parties are all about?

In an effort to keep this year striped back to basics, I decided to try my hand with some old school favourites, none other than chocolate crackles. To make a healthier, more wholesome version, I used coconut sugar and raw honey to sweeten, organic brown rice bubbles as the base and coconut oil to hold it all together. Keeping it clean need not mean going without, complete with sprinkles and edible glitter, these delicious little treats resulted in some pretty satisfied little chocolate covered faces.  With only a handful of ingredients, not only are they easy to pull together, but there’s something to be said about being able sit back at your own kid’s party, rest assured that the food being served is actually nourishing their little souls.

Nourishing Chocolate Crackles

(Makes approximately 12)
3.5 cups brown rice bubbles
4tbs coconut oil
1/4 cup raw cocoa
4tbs raw honey
2tbs coconut sugar
Edible Glitter

1. Lay out 12 cupcake liners on a plate ready to go. In a large pot over low heat, heat the coconut oil, just as it’s melting add the cocoa, coconut sugar and honey. Gently stir mixture until the coconut has melted and blended to form a smooth paste. Remove from the heat, careful not to burn.
2. Add the brown rice bubble as mix together gently but rapidly. Fill paper cups immediately and then allow to cool. Transfer to the fridge and store in an air tight container.