Choc Berry Ripe Slice

Choc Berry Ripe Slice ShelleyKamilRecipes

I don’t think it matters how healthy you are, none of us are perfect 100% of the time. And we shouldn’t have to be. We all have our vices. Mine’s chocolate. Beautiful ‘healthy’ dark chocolate, but chocolate none the less. Though nothing will ever replace breaking open a pack of the good stuff, once you realise you can make it yourself, it’s quite liberating. This slice is a great way to enjoy chocolate as you have the added benefits of dates, almonds and berries. In other words, a sweet filling base of fibre, vitamin E, protein and anti oxidants. With this Choc Berry Slice you get to nourish your body whilst still enjoying your chocolate fix. But be warned, it’s hard to stop at just one piece xx

Choc Berry Ripe Slice
Recipe By Shelley Kamil

Makes approx. 24 pieces

 For the Base
1.5 cups almonds
12 Medjool dates pitted
1 tsp vanilla extract
3 tbs coconut oil
1/2 tsp Himalayan Pink Sea Salt
1/2 cup shredded coconut
1/2 cup Raspberries
1/2 cup Blueberries

Choc topping
100 grams Loving Earth raw cacao
1/3 cup organic cocoa
3 – 4 tbs maple syrup

 Line a non-stick baking tray with Glad Wrap or Baking Paper. In a high power blender add almonds and blend until it resembles almond meal (flour). Add coconut and dates and blend again to combine.
2. In a small skillet over very low heat, heat the coconut oil, sea salt and vanilla. Once combined, remove from heat and add to blender. Blend for a few seconds to combine.
3. Pour blended mixture onto baking tray and flatten with damp hands. Scatter berries evenly over the base and gently press down. Then transfer to the freezer to set.
4. In the mean time, fill a saucepan with water and heat to boiling point. Once boiled, pour water out of pot and immediately add  the cacao, coco and Maple Syrup (the aim is to add the condiments to a hot empty pot, this way they will melt down without burning – if you need more heat then use a very low flame, careful not to burn). Stir until mixture has combined and melted to form a smooth chocolate consistency.
5. Remove base from freezer, pour the chocolatey mixture over top and use a damp spatula to smooth over the base, once evenly covered, return to the freezer to set for at least an hour. Once frozen, use a sarated knife to cut into slices, then store in freezer xx