Health Coaching & Pilates

One On One Pilates & Health Coaching 

If you feel like you just don’t have the time to be healthy, if you feel stressed, exhausted, not the weight you want to be, bloated, snacking often, mindlessly, late at night or on the run, I can help you to break old patterns. I can guide you to create the space and time in your life to eat healthfully, mindfully, fill your body with vibrant, nutritious whole foods that taste amazing and nourish you from the inside out, all the while practicing Dynamic Tailored Pilates, to help you feel amazing in your own skin and find the body you know you were always meant to have. My unique One on One Program will teach you how to forge ahead on your own path to feeling the healthiest and leanest you’ve ever felt. For life.

8 Week One on One Pilates and Health Coaching Program

  • 1 initial 30 minute ‘Breakthrough’ Session. Here we look at your Health History, past challenges and lay out your ultimate health, wellness, fitness and body goals.
  • 7 x 40 minute alternate Week Pilates and Health Coaching Sessions.
  • Easily integrated Nutritional and Lifestyle recommendations and guidance.
  • Dynamic, Tailored, True to The Source Reformer or Mat Pilates Sessions
  • Tailored Nutritionally Dense, Clean Recipes and / or Meal Plans
    Option to Add on additional Pilates Classes
    Option for additional Add on Support including Pantry Revamps / Cooking Classes

8 Week One on One Health Coaching Program

  • 1 Initial 30 minute Breakthrough Session. Here we look at your Health History, past challenges and establish health and wellness goals tailored to your lifestyle.
  • 7 x 40 minute fortnightly Health and Wellness Sessions
  • Easily integrated Nutritional and Lifestyle Guidance and Recommendations
  • Step by Step advice to reach your ultimate health goals
  • Delicious, Nutritionally Dense, Clean Recipes & Meal Plans to support you on your journey

Weekly One on One Private Pilates Classes 

  • Dynamic, Tailored, Results Driven
  • Via Zoom or Face to Face
  • Reformer or Mat Classes
  • True to the Source